It produces V/C Fold Napkin. Our R&D studies carried out with Opus Technology can be customized with creative and fast solution partnerships in line with the special requests of our customers. Our machine can produce 1200 to 1500 napkins per minute. The technical specifications and promotional video of the machine are below.

V Fold Tissue Converting Line Prices

If you want to produce napkins, you can contact for detailed information and price offer. You can check all our other Paper Machines on the Products page.

V Fold Tissue Converting Line Technical Specifications

Rubber Roller 200 x 1300 * 2/Pieces
Rubber Marrying Roller 170 x 1300 * 1/Pieces
Table Conveyor Motor + İnvertor
Cutting Bandsaw Servo
Oparator Panel 7 Inc
Mother Roll Diameter Min 1000 – Max 1300 MM
Embossing System Universal (Point in Point – Deco)
Mother Roll Loading Pneumatic
Edge Control Unit Mechanical System
Number Of Winders 1
Production Speed Sheet/Min Min 4800 – Max 6000
Machine  Width Min 1350 – Max 1680
Control System PLC
Product PLY 2 x 2
Packing Pneumatic /Automatic
Head Size Universal (19,5 cm – 23 cm)
Opener Palette Pnömatik
Motor Power 11 kw
Folding Tension Mechanical Variator
Lamination Unit 200 x 1350 Dr Blade 2 Pieces
Vacuum Blower 450 mbar – 960 m3 /h – 1500 Devir/Dk- 22 kw

Type of Product

  • V/C Fold Napkin


What are folding machines?

Folding machines are automated devices used to fold various materials, such as paper, fabric, or metal, along predefined lines or patterns.

What is the primary function of folding machines?

The primary function of folding machines is to efficiently and accurately fold materials to specific dimensions or configurations.

In which industries are folding machines used?

Folding machines find applications in a wide range of industries, including printing, packaging, textiles, and manufacturing.

How do folding machines fold paper, fabric, or other materials?

Folding machines use a combination of rollers, guides, and mechanical or pneumatic systems to fold materials along designated lines or patterns.

Why are folding machines important?

Folding machines play a crucial role in increasing productivity, reducing labor costs, and ensuring consistent and precise folding in manufacturing and production processes.

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